Data Driven Insights for a Hypermediated World

Sample Assignments

Introduction to Tableau Assignment
This assignment provides an introduction to the popular data analysis and visualization tool Tableau.

Google Analytics Scavenger Hunt
The purpose of this assignment is to refresh and expand knowledge of Google Analytics and explore how the tools can be used to improve site traffic through social referrals and paid/organic search. In this assignment, students use the Google Analytics Demo Account to learn the structure, vocabulary and features of Google Analytics. The Demo Account is a fully functional Google Analytics account linked to the company’s online merchandise store.

Social Network Analysis Using Netlytic
For this assignment, students use the web-based social network analysis tool Netlytic to create a social network visualization using data from Twitter and/or Instagram. They must identify key metrics within the network, analyze the results and use the findings to draft an informed analysis of a current social, political, economic or technological issue.

Client Work Assignment
This project provides senior media analytics majors the opportunity to use their accumulated skills and experience to provide informed insights for real-world clients. Students may work as individuals, partners or in teams of three, depending on the size and scope of the client project.