Data Driven Insights for a Hypermediated World

Digital Analytics Tools

Platform Specific Analytics Programs
Description: Many of the most powerful social media analytics tools are incorporated as part of the platforms they address. The following links provide training and basic information on analytics tools for many of the top social media platforms.
Facebook Insights:
Twitter Analytics:
Pinterest Analytics:
LinkedIn Analytics:
Instagram (Social Rank):
Instagram (Simply Measured):

UX (User Experience) Analysis
UX research looks at the ways users interact with owned media platforms such as websites and mobile apps. By tracking how visitors traverse web sites UX researchers are able to improve both online information delivery processes and message development.
Best for: Web design improvement, audience preference data, quantitative data collection for owned media platforms.
Google Analytics:
Crazy Egg:

Social Listening
Description: Social listening is a method used to better understand the needs, thoughts, interests, and concerns of key publics. In digital textual analysis a researcher examines content such as blogs, social media posts, videos, webpages, etc. to identify key themes, sentiment statements, and emotional issues.
Best for: Researching customer concerns, identifying potential hot topics and emerging crises, understanding brand position
Social Mention:
How Sociable:
Google Alerts:
QDA Miner:

Influencer Identification
Description: Influencer identification is a vital step in influencer marketing campaigns. Public relations practitioners have long recognized the importance of working with influencers to reach out to interest-based publics. The rise in social media use has given voice to a variety of online experts who are skilled at using online technologies to amplify messages and create engagement.
Best for: Online media campaign planning and implementation, distributing messages, relationship building in interest-specific communities
Social Searcher (General):
BuzzSumo (General):
FollowerWonk (Twitter – a moz product):
ViralWoot (Pinterest):
Iconosquare (Instagram):

YouTooSM2016Online Network Analysis
Description: Network analysis research examines the relationships between individual members of a network or community. In network analysis, software tools can be used to create visual representations of people, groups, organizations, social media connections, web links, and much more.
Best for: Identifying influencers, visualizing social connections, understanding information flow
SociLab (LinkedIn:
Gephi (Visualizations):

Mobile Tracking
Description: The rapid expansion of mobile media has opened a plethora of new opportunities to reach individuals, as well as new challenges in tracking message dissemination and engagement.
Best for:  Building relationships with difficult to engage populations, measuring mobile use and app performance, real time data collection
Flurry Analytics:
Google Universal:
Survey Monkey: